ESS DMSC meets DTU and UCPH, Workshop #2

(PDF version of programme)

Date: Thursday 5th of October

Venue: Department of Physics, Technical University of Denmark, Building 311, Ground floor.

Part 1: What is the ESS Data Management and Software Center?
Chair: Niels Bech Christensen DTU

13:00Jane Hvolbæk Nielsen DTU Physics
Giovanna Fragneto ESS
Visions for collaborations between ESS DMSC and Danish Universities
13:10Thomas H Rod ESSScope of the ESS-DMSC
13:20Morten J. Christensen ESSExperiment Control and Data Curation
13:30Mads Bertelsen ESSData Reduction, Analysis, and Modelling Group
13:40Massimiliano Novelli ESSUser and Data Journey, FAIR Data and Data Curation
13:50Gregory Tucker ESSInstrument Data Scientists
14:00Brian Lindgren Jensen ESSComputational infrastructure for scientific user program
14:10Peter Willendrup ESS/DTU PhysicsExisting DMSC-DTU-KU collaborations around McStas
Coffee Break

Part 2: Activities at DTU and University of Copenhagen of relevance to ESS DMSC
Chair: Kim Lefmann KU NBI

14:40Andreas Haahr Larsen KU SundNeutron scattering and simulations reveal the dynamics of protein complexes - but this method is practically inaccessible to most bio scientists
14:50Kristian Sommer Thygesen DTU PhysicsData & HPC-driven discovery of novel materials for nanotechnology and sustainable energy
15:00Thomas Olsen DTU PhysicsMagnetic order and excitations from density functional theory
15:10Andreas Kreisel KU NBIMagnetic fluctuations for superconductivity: From itinerant to localized picture
15:20Anders Dahl DTU ComputeQIM & 3D image analysis
15:30Jakob Sauer Jørgensen DTU ComputeReconstruction methods and software for X-ray and neutron tomography
15:40Petroula Karacosta KU NBIMcStas meets Machine Learning
Mingle, beer, snacks

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Created by Peter Willendrup / Saturday October 7th 2023